Residenze Camplus a Torino

New Opening

The future residence is located in the district of the former Olympic Village, which was illegally occupied for some time. The aim of the planned redevelopment of the buildings is to give back a renewed and safe space to the district and the entire city. This project is the result of a complex public-private partnership, which led to the recovery of a major space; in the Olympic project, it was to constitute a relational interconnection point between two parts of the city divided by the railway (also thanks to the “Olympic walkway”).The aim is to offer a space for Social Housing, with a strong focus on student accommodation, but hybridised with other forms of residential housing. The district will be completely recovered and become a social housing complex, with over 400 beds assigned to temporary accommodation at special rates for students, young workers and city users. The ultimate goal is to create a reproducible hospitality model aimed at diversified targets and real contexts of social mixing, which foster bonds of solidarity between guests.
A new, modern and accessible housing formula full of services for the people of Turin, a university city with a strong cultural vocation and which continues to undergo significant evolution. A project framework that is the result of intense collaboration and synergy with the housing policies of the municipal administration.