Camplus Venezia Santa Marta

Camplus Venezia Santa Marta

A concrete example of union with the area

Camplus Venezia Santa Marta is located within the Venice Port Authority. It is a historic complex dating back to the end of the 19th century, home to the former Venetian cotton mill, and now a highly energy-efficient building full of common areas to support education and leisure. The direct collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University and the proximity of the classrooms in the adjacent building have made the residence the benchmark in hospitality for university students.
Camplus Venezia Santa Marta is also home to the first restaurant, an innovative “affinity food space” serving the whole city. It overlooks a green area belonging to the property, redeveloped in agreement with the Municipality of Venice and shared with citizens; a solution that has favoured mixed use and targets, fundamental for students’ integration in the city.


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Camplus opens 9 new residences for university students in 7 Italian cities: Ferrara, L'Aquila, Milan, Parma, Rome, Turin and Verona.

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