Camplus sostenibilità

Our redevelopment concept

In designing our properties, we adopt a philosophy that is the opposite of standardisation, focused on redeveloping pre-existing areas and buildings; contexts that have a history and particular features to safeguard. We apply our “building tradition” and the best green solutions to re-create recognisable residences which don’t dominate but enhance their surrounding environment.
Social and inclusive sustainability” whereby the community generated within the Camplus residence becomes the “beating heart” for a positive influence on the whole area.


Energy saving, smart technologies and the use of energy from renewable sources are constants that we also implement, where possible, in residences built over 20 years ago through energy efficiency measures.

strutture sostenibili camplus

Our buildings are equipped with systems and software connected to Building Management System platforms, which allow performance monitoring and consumption optimisation in real time.

We also pay particular attention to the issue of connectivity: fibre optic networks are standard in all the most recent Camplus residences.